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Ski And Snowboard Storage Rack

Ski And Snowboard Storage Rack

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eep your entire family's winter gear safely stored in one compact and convenient location. This combination storage rack is designed to hold sets of skis and snowboards at the same time, and it will separate and organize them off the floor and out of your way. Not only will this allow you to consolidate your equipment, and free up floor space in your garage, it will also protect and preserve your equipment so it will last longer, and work better each time you're on the mountain. The durable materials ensure that this rack will last much longer than the equipment it is meant to store, and it is rated to handle up to 200 lbs. so you can easily load it up without worry. Place up to three sets of skis and four snowboards without it becoming too cluttered, and you will even have room for the poles. Don't have that much stuff? Use extra hooks to dangle boots, or hang helmets and you can easily utilize the full rack. Each hook can slide into any position along the bar, and they are all coated in a rubbery material in order to increase the grip and ensure that no damage is caused. All hardware necessary for installation will come with this set, and most folks can complete the simple installation process in about fifteen minutes.

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