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Sports Equipment Storage Rack

Sports Equipment Storage Rack

  • 15999

Store and organize everyone's gear in one compact location. Instead of balls and sticks lying all over your garage, this durable storage rack will allow you to hang them in a single convenient location. It is versatile enough to handle almost any equipment you have, and it is durable enough to hold up to 200 lbs, and last a lifetime. It comes with a variety of hooks to accommodate the assortment of equipment that is common for busy families and avid sports enthusiasts, and it even comes complete with a large bag to hold up to ten full sized balls. When you store your hockey sticks, helmets and pads on this device, it will take up less room, and it will remain better protected when you're not using it. This results in more usable space in your garage, basement or shed, and it ensures a longer life for your equipment because it will be protected from damage and breakage. Don't just lean things against the wall, or toss them on the floor. Make it easy to find what you need without digging, and eliminate the possibility of stepping on it before you find it. This large Sports Storage Rack from Monkey Bars is the perfect addition to any garage, and will make it easy to reduce clutter while giving your expensive sporting goods a home.

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