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Deluxe Mandoline Slicer With Waffle Blade

Deluxe Mandoline Slicer With Waffle Blade

  • 3999

A super slicer that's perfect for any kitchen. It can cut regular slices at several thicknesses, dice vegetables in multiples sizes, chop long sticks for french fries, or give fruits and veggies a wavy or waffle finish. A knob on one side allows you to pop up vertical blades for julienne slicing at two different widths, and a knob on the other side allows you to dial in the perfect thickness. Switch out the regular straight blade for the one with the curvy edge to give vegetables ridges, or make waffle fries. Unlike other slicers, this one provides a whole range of thickness settings instead of a couple notches. Cut paper thin or extra thick, and anywhere in between. The remarkably sharp blade is made from surgical grade steel, and it's positioned at an angle to make it easy to cut any food. It comes complete with a safety holder to secure food, and protect your fingers, and there's an ergonomic handle at the top for comfort and ease of use. Notches on the bottom side allow you to attach it to a bowl while slicing, and it has feet that fold down for use on your counter. Don't struggle with a knife or waste money on more expensive tools. This affordable slicer will produce perfectly uniform results with very little effort, and it's totally dishwasher safe, so clean up is simple too.

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