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Borner V-Power Mandoline Slicer

Borner V-Power Mandoline Slicer

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This is the newest and most updated version of the Borner V-Slicer line. We also carry the V-Slicer Plus. The Borner V-Power is still made from durable ABS plastic and has super sharp blades forged from surgical grade, German stainless steel, but it also features many upgrades and additions that improve what was already the best mandoline slicer available. The V-Power has four different thickness settings, as opposed to just two or three, and it also features a 0 setting for safety and storage purposes. One of the most convenient upgrades on this model is the button on the side. With just a push, it allows you to adjust the thickness of your cut without removing the insert and resetting it like with previous versions. You will also notice that the V-Power is available in fresh new colors and has a slightly sleeker design to it. Larger rubber feet at the base of the slicer means that it will be more sturdy on your counter, and will not shift around while your slicing. A compact insert holder that attaches to the rear of the slicer for storage rounds out the design changes on the Borner V-Power. This tool can slice, dice, cube, shred and julienne, and will produce perfect, uniform results every time you use it.

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