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Friction Mount Soap Dish

Friction Mount Soap Dish

  • 2099

No more bending over, wasting soap, or dealing with a soggy bar. This is one of the best ways to have a soap dish right where you want it, and it is super easy to install. The unique, friction mount system allows you to place it almost anywhere without tools, hardware or any sort of glue, and it will remain in place until you decide to move it. The back portion may look like a suction cup, but this remarkable product is attached by something far more sturdy and permanent. Once in place, it will hold up to ten pounds, it will remain flush with the wall, and it will never rotate or slide around. Although it will seem like it is cemented in place, or attached with screws, the mounting bracket is totally reusable, and can be re-positioned over and over again. Make up for a shower stall with inadequate storage space, or keep your soap out of the spray to make it last longer. A simple design makes it work with any decor, and holes on the bottom help promote drainage and drying. Perfect for anywhere in the bathroom, but also ideal for the kitchen or laundry room to hold soap in a convenient location.

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