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Deluxe Silicone Spatula

Deluxe Silicone Spatula

  • 2399

A high quality kitchen gadget from Swissmar. This great looking spatula is made from the highest quality materials, and features a deluxe, stainless steel handle. The silicone head is the best available, and it is heat sealed directly to the handle for increased safety and hygiene. This allows you to place the whole thing directly in the dishwasher for easy washing, but also ensure it will not fall apart with use. It has a rounded edge on one side for scraping bowls, and a straight edge on the other for pots and pans. The high quality silicone is resistant to extreme temperatures so you don't have to worry about it melting or losing shape. Because it's extremely pliable, the colorful head will conform to virtually any surface you use it on. The Swissmar Silicone Spatula is safe to use on all cookware, mixing bowls and baking pans, and will never damage any surface, or melt under normal cooking temperatures.

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