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4 PK Bullet High Res Cameras

4 PK Bullet High Res Cameras

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Night Owls CAM-4PK-930 is a 4-pack of sleek, indoor/outdoor high-resolution security cameras that provide clear and crisp images at 900 TV lines of resolution. These cameras will produce a night vision image up to 100 feet away in complete darkness and will allow for facial recognition up to 100 feet away. They hae an IR cut filter that delivers high quality and clear, crisp day or night images. Key Features: 900 TV Lines of Resolution for clear, crisp images; Cameras are equipped with 70 degrees of wide angle field of view and 100 feet of night vision; Upgradded American Wire Gauge (AWG) cable; 3 Axis Vandal-Proof Cable System; Compatible with all Night Owl Anaglog Systems; 24/7, 365 days a year Technical and Web Support

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