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Ultimate Sushi Maker (11 Piece Set)

Ultimate Sushi Maker (11 Piece Set)

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Stop rolling by hand, and start enjoying fresh fare that's frustration free. This 5-in-1 sushi making set comes with several molds, and an assortment of tools to make it easy for anyone to create perfect looking sushi right at home. It doesn't take a lot of time, and it doesn't require any special skills either. Even someone with no experience at all, can easily create restaurant quality rolls with this set. Simply add your ingredients to the mold, press or form using the appropriate piece, and then cut into portions using the integrated cutting guides. Everything you need is included, and with the combination of parts, you will be able to form large squares, small squares, circles, triangles, and hearts. It even includes a rice fork, a spatula, and a sushi knife with a non-stick coating. The helpful instructions and cookbook will provide step by step instructions, and several recipes to get you started. This is a great gift for anyone that loves the food, but it would be a nice addition to any kitchen that doesn't have one. It's designed for any skill level, and it would be equally beneficial to professional chefs and novices alike.

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