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Swissmar Locking Silicone Tongs

Swissmar Locking Silicone Tongs ( 14.25 inch ) Large

  • 2799

These might just be the best tongs you will ever use. They come equipped with a locking mechanism, durable stainless steel construction, and silicone coated tips to make cooking and serving easier. The coating on the ends will protect non-stick cookware from scratching or marking, and it will also make them more able to grip food without it slipping. This means that flipping and maneuvering will be hassle free because food won't drop due to and insecure grip. The coated tips will also reduce effort when it is time to clean up. Instead of old food and sauce sticking to the ends like glue, the high quality silicone on these tongs will ensure that food does not stick, and will wash off easily. The clever locking mechanism doubles as a hanging device, so you can easily store these on a hook or in the drawer when not in use. To operate the lock, simply pull out on the circle to secure them for storage in a drawer, or push down to open them for use. Intended to be used to grasp food in order to move it or flip it, these steel tongs are great for barbecues or cooking and serving food anytime.

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