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Gripper Flipper Tongs

Gripper Flipper Tongs

  • 2499

Grab, flip, mix, strain and more. These versatile tongs switch from grabber to flipper in a flash, and thanks to the wire ends, they can also whip or strain too. These features combine to create the perfect tool for cooking, prepping and even serving. Pick up hard boiled eggs or cooked spaghetti, and the water stays inside the pot, or flip fried food and oil will drain down to keep things crisp. The stainless steel tines change shape to conform to rounded foods or large loads, so you guarantee a secure grip on virtually any food. Each metal piece is also slightly wavy to further improve the grip, and ensure that uneven stuff like pickles or olives can be picked up easily. Delicately slide under any food, and then clamp down to grab and turn at the same time, or use the wide grip to grab larger items and lift or turn. The integrated locking switch allows you to secure both parts together for storage, or for use as a whisk, or a rigid spatula. The advanced design and spring loaded action reduces effort, improves results, and ensures that food doesn't slip or slide. Dishwasher safe.

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