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MiniWash Portable Washer

MiniWash Portable Washer

  • 9999

Simple, compact and highly effective. This little washing machine runs on electricity to give you one of the best ways to wash small loads, or clean laundry while traveling. It's ideal for washing things separately like baby clothes and delicate garments, but it's also nice for folks living alone, or those in living quarters where larger appliances don't fit, or aren't allowed. Skip the trip to the laundromat, and use this efficient little machine instead. A simple twist of the knob is all it takes to go from dirty to clean in a matter of minutes. It comes complete with quick connect adapters to pull water right from the faucet automatically, but you can also load water in manually if you choose. Once turned on, and filled with dirty clothes, soap and water, the drum will rotate and slightly agitate to clean with results similar to what larger appliances produce. It even rinses your clothes to remove the soap after washing is complete. Save energy, reduce waste, decrease costs, and avoid annoying situations when you do your laundry with this product. It's light enough to use on a counter top in your kitchen, and it's compact enough to store out of sight when you're done. Complete with a two year manufacturer warranty.

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