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Stainless Steel Super Whisk

Stainless Steel Super Whisk

  • 1999

Mix your food like a pro without any skill or practice necessary. This handy little kitchen miracle will allow you to whip, mix and blend ten times faster than with a traditional whisk. Simply press down on the handle and the whisk end spins to mix your food. A continuous up and down motion will blend anything quickly and efficiently, and it will require way less time and effort. Made from high quality stainless steel, the Super Whisk is both easy-to-use and durable. Instead of spinning a regular tool around and around, you can simply dip this one into whatever you are mixing, and then pump the handle to whip it to perfection. It is ideal for mixing drinks, preparing pancakes, making waffles, fluffing omelettes, blending whipped cream for a dessert, and so much more. The easy action of the handle does not require super strength to work, and it will glide effortlessly for just about anyone. Save yourself time and energy as you prepare better looking food. 

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