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Microfiber Window Washer Set

Microfiber Window Washer Set

  • 3399

Quickly wash any window to a streak free shine with this professional quality set. The telescoping pole provides a long reach, and the advanced design makes any glass surface easy to clean. With these tools, anyone can make windows and mirrors spotless no matter how high up, or hard to reach they are. Each set includes two microfiber window washing tools with built in squeegees, and is perfect for anyone that wants to clean their windows quickly and easily. The smaller washer is great for tight areas, smaller windows, your vehicle, in the bathroom and more. The larger tool features a lightweight, aluminum handle that can extend to a full 59", so it is great for larger windows, areas that are high up, the exterior of your car or house, an RV, or anywhere else that might be out of reach. These great tools combine the awesome cleaning power of microfiber with the drying ability of a traditional squeegee. Clean and polish without extra sprays, and leave the surface free of any spots, streaks or lint with little effort. Use each tool as it comes, or separate the microfiber from the rubber blade to use each part by itself.

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