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Long Reach Window Screen Cleaning Set

Long Reach Window Screen Cleaning Set ( Plus 12 Foot Pole )

  • 4999

An easy way to clean window screens that are high up, or hard to reach. This set combines the power of our Window Screen Cleaning Tool with the long reach of a telescoping extension pole. When you attach the roller to one of these lightweight poles, almost any screen will be well within your reach, and easy to clean. You get your choice of a twelve foot or five foot pole, and when attached to the longest extension, and held outstretched in your hand, most people will be able to achieve a twenty foot reach. This means that even second story windows can be cleaned with ease, and first story ones can be washed comfortably without trampling landscaping because you can stand further away and still apply the right amount of pressure. Each pole is made from aluminum so they are easy to maneuver without causing fatigue as you work. Use the roller in your hand for anything close, or screw onto the pole when windows are hard to reach. The tool is also lightweight, but it is packed with plenty of cleaning power. Use dry for light dusting or pollen removal, add water to increase ability and cut through dirt, or apply some soap for maximum power.